TNAR 2018 exemplifies efficiency and innovation, showcasing cutting-edge products from manufacturers all over the world. Throughout the project, Two Trails, Inc. worked closely with NAHB’s Leading Suppliers Council and TNAR’s build team to ensure the highest possible efficiency was achieved. 


Boasting a HERS Index of 43, the remodeled home is dramatically more efficient than the original (which had a HERS Index of 125) and is expected to be 57% more efficient than the average new home. Designed to exceed the requirements for certification to the Emerald level of the National Green Building Standard™, TNAR is also targeted to be certified by the EPA’s Energy Star program and its Indoor airPLUS program, as well as the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program.

Thermal Shell 

▪ Unvented and air-sealed attic with an SES SucraSeal open-cell spray foam system (average insulation value of R-21)
▪ Sealed crawlspace with a closed-cell spray foam system (average insulation value of R-15)
▪ Loewen Windows and patio doors with low-e coating and argon gas fill limit solar heat gain and optimize air tightness
▪ Thermal shell achieves 2.73 air changes per hour under depressurized blower door testing at 50 Pa
▪ Kingspan Greenguard and Fi-Foil M-Shield wall insulation system on exterior masonry walls (insulation value of R-8)
▪ Large overhangs help protect the home from harsh sunlight


▪ Trane SEER 21 and 19.25 split-system heat pumps 
▪ Variable speed compressors in outdoor heat pump units 
▪ Mechanical ventilation provided by Air King
▪ Space conditioning system located entirely within the conditioned space

Hot Water

▪ Navien ENERGY STAR®-rated tankless water heaters (EF=0.95) 
▪ Insulated hot water lines 


▪ LED lighting used for all interior and exterior lamps 
▪ ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances
▪ ENERGY STAR®-rated variable speed pool pumps

Designed Water Efficiency

▪ Kohler low-flow, EPA-certified 1.2 GPM lavatory faucets and 1.28 GPF toilets 
▪ Hunter high-efficient micro spray, drip-lines and irrigation controller
Indoor Air Quality 

▪ Sherwin Williams low-VOC paints and finishes, and low-VOC interior adhesives and sealants
▪ MERV 13 space-conditioning air filters
▪ HVAC ducts sealed during construction to eliminate pollutants from construction activities from entering the system
▪ Whole-building ventilation system configured to allow precisely the correct amount of fresh air in to the home